Don't let this damage your wildlife career

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2020
Are you trying to get your foot in the door to your wildlife career? This week I’ve seen so many painful stories from would-be wildlife professionals who despite their efforts just can’t seem to get a full time paid role. Does that sound like you? The struggle is real. I hear you!
Wildlife work is a highly competitive field. There is a wealth of well qualified candidates for a limited amount of paid roles. Now with the added complications of Covid-19, it’s looking like it is getting even tougher. Funding is tight for organisations around the world, including key employers for wildlife roles.
Even before the pandemic, the wildlife career path was not an easy one for another reason: exploitation. The army of amazing people out there working for wildlife is incredible. Unfortunately, many of them are exploited in their quest for their dream wildlife job. I’ve witnessed this in the wildlife community, along with the damage it does to...
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